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Self-Testing of Car Audio System

"All hardware components required for a test system that checks the quality of the audio system in cars are actually already available in modern cars: DSP, converters, sensors, transducers and connecting links. However, they are not designed as test system components but may be used as such. Smart amplifiers and speaker control technologies are of special interest for this approach. They provide powerful means to improve transducer properties like robustness, linearity, and bandwidth. By definition, they identify speaker parameters and states. Such valuable information can be exploited for test and measurement tasks such as design qualification, end-of-line testing, quality assurance, long-term monitoring and ensuring safety relevant features (e.g. pedestrian warning systems). This paper investigates benefits and challenges of this approach."

Read more and download the paper here.

Wednesday, 2019-10-16 14:34 Age: 2 Years