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Webinar Evaluation Form KLIPPEL LIVE Series 1: Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21

  1. Our first web-seminar series of KLIPPEL LIVE was happen from April, 22nd 2020 to August, 19 th 2020. Within this four months Prof. Dr. KLIPPEL and his guest experts talked about how to use the IEC 60268-21 standard for acoustical measurements. Now we need your support to improve our KLIPPEL LIVE format and to enhance our further series!
  2. Evaluation Questions

  3. 1. How satisfied were you with the web-seminar series in general?
  4. 2. The structure of each individual webinar was clearly defined.
  5. 3. The level of diffulty in each individual webinar was suited to my (prior) knowledge.
  6. 4. The content of the web-seminar series was wery interesting for me.
  7. 5. Is the content of the webinar series relevant to your work?
  8. 6. What did you like most about the first KLIPPEL LIVE series?
  9. 7. How can we improve?
  10. 8. Are you interested in attending the second KLIPPEL LIVE series "Electrical and Mechanical Measurement of Transducers and Systems according IEC 60268-22"
  11. 9. Would you like to receive notice about the start of the second web-seminar series?
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